Economical, green and local

Economical: If you live in Canada you are well aware of the high prices we pay in this country.  Between distribution, duties, shipping etc, there are just too many hands in the cookie jar. Not many industries keep your money truly in the local economy like concrete.

Local: Sand, stones and wood from our own backyard. All of our materials come from right here in Canada, and more than 90% from right here in Saskatoon. Unlike granite which is commonly imported from India, China and Brazil.

Environmental: When concrete surfaces are designed with the environment in mind the benefits are great. It can be mixed with recycled materials that not only help the environment, but also increase the strength of the concrete so much that only half the material is required to achieve the same strength of granite! That can’t be said about many other materials.

Benefits of local concrete

No shipping containers being delivered across the ocean

No trailers on the road

No Canadian distributor adding 50+% to the product

Your money stays close to home

Absolutely unique product

Half the weight of granite

Greater strength that other surfaces

Can be recycled

Far more possibilities than other products

Personalized designs